These weekends are crazy, you ride on a bus or in a car with noisy kids for hours, you don’t get much sleep, you are chasing after kids all day, the beds squeak, the feet stink, the body odor is real....but...here you are.

We get it! You do so much for your students and you do all of this because you love your students and want to see them meet, know and love God!  We want these weekends to be meaningful for you and your group, but we also want them to be a time for you to rest, be encouraged, feel appreciated and be built into.

So, we have some special things JUST for leaders!


These will take place Saturday and Sunday mornings in the Underground for leaders. We highly encourage you and your leaders to be there as its a great time for you to be built into and encouraged in God’s Word.


This happens Friday and Saturday night. This is a chance for us as the AGC Youth team to connect with you about the weekend but also to encourage and build you up as you head back to your local ministry. Plus, there are always yummy snacks and finger food!


On Saturday during the choose your own adventure time there will be an opportunity for you to escape from the craziness of the weekend for a breakout just for leaders with our guest speaker Alex Street.


Yes, coffee deserves its own title, because let’s be honest, we will probably fall asleep by 11am on Saturday without it! So, get excited because coffee will be available ALL day on Saturday for anyone in the Underground. This is an awesome place for leaders to maybe sit down, have a coffee and chat with some of their students.


We have an amazing team that plans these retreats, However, it would be almost impossible to run them without the help of student interns.  These interns step in as team captains, session support, running activities, set up,  and just the general hype and excitement of the weekend. This is also  an opportunity for us as a planning team to build into and call out leadership in your students!  

If  you know of a student (16+ for Getaway, 18+ for Strive) who would be great at doing something like this talk to them about it and download our Intern Application.  All application can be sent to youth@agcofcanada.com.

Guidelines& Info


  • No drugs, no alcohol, no weapons, or any other illegal substances or objects.Possession of anything illegal will result in expulsion from the retreat.

  • No pets.

  • No men in women’s cabins or vice versa – including leaders. Women leaders

    can care for female cabin issues, and men for male cabin issues. Presence in

    opposite gender cabin will result in immediate expulsion from the retreat.

  • Students do not need, ipads, laptops, hand held gaming devices, etc. Cell phones and ipods should be for emergency use only, and leaders must be aware of their use. We understand that times are changing and many cell phones and iPods double as a camera. Just be aware of what your students are doing on their phones and encourage them to be engaged in the weekend.

  • No fireworks or other explosives. Possession will result in expulsion.

  • No water balloons or water guns.

  • No use of any type of vehicle during the weekend. Students and leaders are

    expected to stay on site except for emergencies. The tuck shop can provide for sugar emergencies. Cigarette purchases are not considered emergencies and are not sold on-site. Once you are on property, you must remain (leaders included). Students may only leave if his/her parent/guardian come to pick them up.

  • Do not use any sporting equipment or facilities at MW except duringunderstood hours and for expressed purpose.

  • Attendance is expected by all at all sessions and meal times. If students are ill,the leader should be informed. Leaders must accompany students who are absent during sessions.

  • Boots and shoes must be removed before entering most buildings at MW.

  • Street shoes or boots are not allowed in the gym. Athletic shoes are required

    for the gym and climbing walls (or climbing shoes).

  • After lights out students must be accompanied by a leader outside their


  • Keep doors closed, don’t crank the heaters, they are set appropriately, they

    work just fine!

  • Breakage must be reported immediately. (e.g. heater problems, toilet

    problems etc.)

  • Breakage as a result of vandalism will result in repair costs and a fine.

  • Be considerate of the septic system.

  • Leaders are responsible for their group members at all times.



Each group attending the retreat is responsible for their own transportation and travel to and from the camp. However, if you are in need of some assistance we will do our best to help connect you with other churches in your area so that you can share resources. We would like to encourage you to take note of the check in time of 7-9pm on Friday evening. Please plan appropriately to make sure that your group arrives on time.

*A note to those renting buses.

Accommodations for bus drivers are available - please indicate on the registration form if this is something you require. The same registration fee would apply.


Vehicles that stay must be parked in the parking lot for the weekend.

*Cars are not to be driven during the weekend, they stay in the Parking Lot.*

Getaway team and MWSR staff are the only ones permitted to drive vehicles on camp grounds.

Lights Out

Lights out – 12:00 a.m. While this sounds late, this tends to be the reality on these retreats with a late start time on Friday nights.

After 12:00 a.m. all students must remain in their cabins.

Group Leaders

You will need at least 1 leader (age 18+) per 10 students (max.) of the same gender (e.g. 1 female leader for 6 female students, 2 male leaders for 18 male students) with a valid criminal record check. These leaders will also be your small group leaders and cabin leaders.


Small group material will be sent in advance (if available). The proper amount of leaders and criminal record checks are a legal requirement. Please ensure that these things are in place before coming.

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