LETS GET YOU TO the retreat


1. Fill out our registration form HERE with your best guess at the number of students and leaders you will have coming for this retreat. Please do this ASAP we would like your initial numbers by February 11th at the latest. You can do this by clicking on the “Register Your Group”  button. 


2. Send a 10% deposit to Donna Leung at the AGC head office within two weeks of your initial numbers. This will also help guarantee your spot. For how you can pay click HERE.

*Please note that the deposit you pay will be subtracted from your final total. If you pay a deposit for 20 students but only end up having 15 come, the deposit you paid will be subtracted from your new total. You will not pay for students that do not end up coming.

3. Ensure you have enough leaders (1 leader for every 10 students) and confirm your registration and numbers by Friday, February 28th HERE.

4. Come to the reatreat prepared with a cheque or cash to pay the final balance on your registration.

Ways to pay HERE.

5. Please ensure ALL Waivers (Student AGC Waiver, Student Mukoka Woods Waiver, Leader AGC Waiver, and Leader Muskoka Woods Waver) are COMPLETELY and PROPERLY filled out and signed before you leave. The registration team will be very busy when you arrive and will not be able to fill out any incomplete information.

You can download forms HERE.


The two waiver forms (AGC and MW) DO NOT cover your church or your leaders and are NOT legally binding. However, it assists AGC and MW in “due diligence” i.e. reasonably ensures parents are under full understanding of the expectations and obligations of all parties involved, and to provide us with emergency medical information.
It is the church’s responsibility to supply its own church waiver form for registrants to complete. If you are unsure what you need to include in your churches waiver contact your insurance company. They will know what you need to include.

6. Please fill our our dietary restrictions form, if there is anyone in your group that has food allergies or restrictions.  You can find that form HERE.  


7. Don’t forget to promote like crazy to your group! Get them excited about the different aspects of the weekend and get your leaders pumped as well cause its going to be a fantastic weekend! You can find promo help HERE.

8. Leaders: We require a male leader to accompany any male students (even if only one) and a female leader to accompany any female students (even if only one) with a ratio of 10:1. (For example, if you have 13 male students coming, you must have 2 male leaders.)  ALL ADULT LEADERS (age 18+) MUST HAVE a VALID POLICE CHECK with their church and/or professional association. Please also ensure that the amount of leaders attending abides by your churches Child Protection Policies.


1. Arrive between 7-9 pm Friday, March 6.  Send ONE adult leader from your group to the office to finish the registration process. The rest of your group must stay in the vehicle or bus until further instruction is given.


*If you are having any issues on your drive up please text or call Kristin Schut to let her know your ETA 519-535-8241


2. There must be the proper waiver forms for each and every attendee. These waivers must be signed by parents (if you are under 18). Please note: BOTH waivers (AGC and Muskoka Woods) MUST be properly FILLED out and SIGNED for ALL students and leaders. If they not signed the student will not be able to stay.


3. You will be provided with a packet at registration that contains cabin assignments, a grounds map, schedules for each student and leader, small group material, as well as other helpful information.

4. After registration a guide will direct you to your assigned cabins. Have your students and leaders unload at the traffic circle, settle in to their cabins and then park vehicles.


  • -  Vehicles that stay must be parked in the long term parking lot for the weekend.

  • -  Cars are not to be driven during the weekend, they stay in the Parking Lot.

  • -  Getaway team & MWSR staff are the only ones permitted to drive vehicles on grounds. 

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