Every student and leader must fill out the proper forms/waivers in order to participate in this weekend.  There are two forms; an  AGC Form and a Muskoka Woods Form.  These must be  properly filled out and signed by leaders & students and their appropriate guardian.

We have provided some promotional material for you as you promote Getaway in  your ministry.  The link below will take you to a Google Drive folder where you can download the things you would like to use.


We have an amazing team that plans these retreats, However, it would be almost impossible to run them without the help of student interns.  These interns step in as team captains, session support, running activities, set up,  and just the general hype and excitement of the weekend. This is also  an opportunity for us as a planning team to build into and call out leadership in your students!  

If  you know of a student (16+ for Getaway, 18+ for Strive) who would be great at doing something like this talk to them about it and download our Intern Application.  All application can be sent to

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